• @FooBarrington
      74 months ago

      Single app for all platforms, without the baggage and issues of the cross-native solutions.

      • @[email protected]
        44 months ago

        They’re actually secure too. It’s always interesting to me how iphone owners are so concerned about security and privacy, right up until Apple tells them not to.

        • @FooBarrington
          4 months ago

          I’ve had an Apple user on here try to tell me that PWAs would open new security issues if they could be installed by any browser. They didn’t want to accept that a PWA would need both a browser exploit and an iOS exploit to have the same malicious potential as an iOS app has with just an iOS exploit. But they didn’t care that literally any website has the same potential for exploitation as PWAs do.

          I genuinely don’t understand how you can get to this understanding without willfully ignoring how these things work.

    • @stoicferret
      64 months ago

      Moving the app outside the confinement of official distribution channel/getting rid of 20/30% of store tax?