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  • @Devgard
    81 year ago

    Let me explain my reply.

    From my POV, OP’s post initially came across as advertisement, but targeted. Imagine that this community is an Apple store. To me this post seemed as if Samsung or Google had put up an ad directly in the middle of the store, trying to take back some customers.

    It was my mistake to assume that OP posting was one of the mods.

    I’m 100% ok with both communities co-existing, after all, the more content there is, the more likely the Fediverse will succeed. The only reason I was annoyed at first, was because of an advertisement for a similar community that came out of nowhere, with no notice/warning whatsoever, which in hindsight is completely understandable as this post wasn’t at all made by the mods over at [email protected].

    Tl;dr I just wasn’t comfortable with how the advertisement just appeared, as it seemed like a direct attack to steal people, but I was most definitely wrong with my assumptions. My reply was made solely on the assumption that the mods of [email protected] had posted this, and for that I am sorry.