• Omega
    -13 months ago

    I agree his attachment to Israel is fucked up. I don’t like it. It might cost him the election. He helped with the pause and hostage negotiation and pressed for a ceasefire and that’s about it. I know Trump would be worse, but that’s not a lot of solace.

    Biden has pressed a lot of student debt forgiveness. And it seems like he pushes a new loophole every day. They have fought like hell to keep abortions legal (travel, medication, etc). They replaced a Breyer to keep the court from becoming even more radicalized. They have pushed against the Texas shit like their death traps and state law enforcement. Pushing the boundaries of what is allowed in the Budget Reconciliation.

    That along with my civil rights being actively attacked by the GOP makes me eager to vote for Biden. And if we ever want abortion rights back in all states, we need a LIBERAL majority everywhere, not just a Democratic majority.

    I think he has done a lot by pushing the boundaries. It’s just not sexy to talk about because it’s not hurting people.

    • @[email protected]
      93 months ago

      Student debt has only been folks who should already have received forgiveness. He’s not doing shit for most borrowers.

      He’s blocking ceasefire resolutions at the UN.

      He has a conservative Republican for an AG.

      I mean, he’s milquetoast at best. Most progressive in decades ain’t shit when they’re all right wing.