• Omega
    -43 months ago

    He’s fucked up with Gaza. It’s the one thing I think he has absolutely failed on. But I don’t think the politics are that straightforward with it. Demanding a total ceasefire probably isn’t good politics. And they wouldn’t stop anyways.

    Demanding a stoppage to the genocide is definitely good politics. But Biden has been a behind the scenes president which works better for influencing Republicans who will dig their heels in if called out. But it has failed here and he needs to acknowledge that. They haven’t listened to anything from him since the hostage release.

    • queermunist she/her
      33 months ago

      A total ceasefire is the only way to stop the genocide. Surely you realize this?

      Also, we can’t possibly know what’s happening behind the scenes. What his administration is saying is happening behind the scenes could very well be a total lie. Until I hear him publicly demand a ceasefire I’m going to assume that he supports the genocide.