• @[email protected]
    -24 months ago

    Yet again, with the disingenious bullshit.

    Liberals = Dems

    And learn some damn history yourself. Trump replaced 2 liberal justices which only requires POTUS and Senate. And we learned under Trump that it’s much, MUCH easier to hurt people than to help people. Thanks everyone who refused to vote for Hillary. You did this.

    You just proved my point, dude. Look you don’t need all three branches to actual produce results for your base. The Dems don’t produce the results we want because they do not want to not because they’re powerless.

    • @Pipoca
      34 months ago

      I assume his point is that calling Manchin or Sinema “liberal” isn’t super accurate.

    • Omega
      14 months ago

      Liberals = Dems

      If you think that, you probably shouldn’t talk politics. And it’s probably not worth the time to talk politics with you.