• @TechNerdWizard42
    43 months ago

    I actually really respect their policy. Keep the site active and then forgive stupid bills if there was an error.

    To shut down or disconnect a cloud service is terrible as usually it’s in error. The errs on the side of the user knowing their stuff better than the hoster which is what I want in a provider.

    • @[email protected]
      3 months ago

      That “policy” was to reduce his bill from 104k to 5k initially. It was not “forgiven” until his story went viral.

      So their actual policy was to send a user paying $0/month a bill for 5k for malicious behavior they didn’t cause on the site. Thats not something to respect.

      The CEO playing at “no no, we always forgive these” was not at all what he was told until after thousands if not hundreds of thousands of their potential customers saw how screwed he was by their non existent tools to rate limit bandwidth.

      A 9yr old hosting company not having any programtic tools to limit biling is an intentional choice, not some oversight. It’s clearly their buisness model to have people go over the free tier unintentionally, just not unintentionally enough to go viral.