[Update - March 3rd 2024 , 21:14 CET]

The update seems to have worked well. The database migration took some time, but after that it looks everything works as far as we tested. Let us know what you think! And if you like our work, check the donations links in the sidebar ;-)

(As you might notice, the new comments are shown YELLOW, that’s not a bug, it’s apparently a new feature in Lemmy…)

Hey everyone,

We wanted to announce that we will be attempting to upgrade Lemmy.World to version 0.19.3 on Sunday. The update will start at 2024-03-03 1900 UTC and should hopefully take no more than 2 hours. In the event there are issues, we will roll back to 0.18.5. In the event of a roll back, any data created by users will be lost, so we’ll try our best to avoid this!

Hopefully downtime should be minimal <3

During the upgrade, please feel free to make yourself at home on our Matrix and Discord chat rooms.

Lemmy.World Pub


Please follow Lemmy.World (@[email protected]) - Mastodon for updates.

As usual, status can be tracked by visiting https://dash.lemmy.world and https://status.lemmy.world

Thanks for your patience in waiting for us. Stability is king for us!

-LW Tech Group

    • @RookiA
      3 months ago

      You did not know about Quiblr? The BEST web ui of them all?

    • Aurelius
      23 months ago

      Thank you! It’s been my passion side-project!

      • Ategon
        3 months ago

        It is self hostable or is there just the site at quiblr.com?

        Seems like something I would love to throw onto q.programming.dev with the other alternate UIs were running

        • Aurelius
          13 months ago

          Just the site right now. I may put it in a docker in the future so different instances can host it too! I’ll let you know!