Give this woman a medal

  • Hominine
    383 months ago

    This nonsense is replete here on Lemmy. These purity-test “liberals” are the snake eating its tail and it is more than gratifying to see a strong ally like AOC call this bullshit out. These reprobates do nothing for the Palestinian cause outside of stroking their own lazy egos.

    Such liars are in my recent post history and I find myself gladly swatting them down; surely they will defend these selfsame tactics right here where they are laid bare…

    • @[email protected]
      -83 months ago

      God-forbid we ask politicians who pretend to be progressive to call a genocide a genocide. We’re so far gone in this country that our so-called far-left politicians like Bernie Sanders won’t even call for a permanent ceasefire. People are waking up to the depth of moral bankruptcy in our politicians across the board.