Give this woman a medal

  • @Son_of_dad
    04 months ago

    The moment you say “Zionist” most people roll their eyes and know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s like when you refer to a black person as a “thug”, we know where your mind is at. May as well go poke eye holes on a white sheet

    • @[email protected]
      -14 months ago

      They know I’m talking about the movement that got early inspiration from the Austro-Hungarian Jewish journalist Theodor Herzl in 1896 when he called for the establishment of a Jewish state in either Argentina or Palestine to escape anti-semitic persecution throughout Europe? The movement championed by American Protestant lay worker and businessman William Blackstone in 1891 in the petition he circulated, marking the beginning of the alliance of American Christianity with Zionism? Blackstone, who was motivated by the belief that the restoration of a Jewish state in Israel would signal that the rapture was imminent, and whose petition received the most pushback from American Jews?

      They know I’m talking about the movement that was described by Zachary Lockman?:

      Zionism shared the propensity of all nationalisms to ignore the rights, needs, and aspirations of those excluded from the national “family.” But it also partook of an available contemporary European discourse that delineated a certain set of perceptions of, attitudes toward, and relations with the African and Asian lands and peoples subject to, or now falling under, the economic and political domination of Europeans. That broader colonial discourse also drew on, and overlapped with, older European images and representations of “the Orient.”[6] With appropriate modifications, these systems of representation could be made to fit the specific situation of the Jews and of Zionism and could be applied to Palestine, just as they were at that same moment being applied elsewhere by other projects of European colonization and settlement that altogether lacked Zionism’s origin as a response to a very real (and worsening) oppression in Europe itself.