Hi all,

I’ve set up my own Lemmy instance (using @ubergeek77’s Easy Deploy script) on an Oracle Cloud free tier. I can sign in, and have added communities from other instances.

I’m seeing new posts from lemmy.ml, but not from lemmy.world. Does it take days to do an initial sync (my instance was created on Thursday)? Is Lemmy.world just too overloaded?


    • RuudMA
      21 year ago

      Didn’t have time yet to check, still not federating?

      • @sideoneOP
        11 year ago


        thanks for everything you do. Here’s what I see this morning. I’m not sure if its totally a lemmy issue, as my instance server needs to be restarted most days at the moment, so may be causing the issues.

        This is what I see this morning on the [email protected] home page