The ChatGPT phrase “As of my last knowledge update” appears in several papers published by academic journals.

  • @Feathercrown
    3 months ago

    The scientific community is a mess. We need to be able to rely on journals and authors to have an understanding of the world. At this point we need to reverse course hard. Anyone who authors a paper like this is banned. Any journal who publishes one is banned. Any reviewer who approves one is banned. Any professor who approves one is sanctioned (they aren’t reviewers after all) depending on the number they’ve let slip through. P-hacking and similar issues are dealt with appropriately, again scaling with frequency and magnitude of offense. Restrict the p-value threshold by lowering it from 0.05 to 0.01. Encourage replication and null-results. Abolish or severely reduce journal fees. Provide incentives for replication and review. Etc.