Snow on Thursday.

  • Chainweasel
    423 months ago

    These are the temperatures we should be getting this time of year.
    The warm February and week of 70° weather shouldn’t be something to get excited about. Climate change is forcing spring to come earlier every year and as nice as it feels, it’s very bad for the plants and animals, and a bad sign in general.

    • FuglyDuckOP
      43 months ago

      Oh I’m fully aware we’re going to be paying for it.

      Normally, we still have 2-3 feet on the ground; and we get another 2+ feet in march (frequently in one day…)

      Still. Blehk.

      If i can’t grumble about the weather what can I grumble about?

      (and also grumble about 60’s and sunshine- it’s unwholesome. The sunshine gets into people’s brains, their wits dribble out there ears… then they get ran over by a car because they were standing in the middle of the parking lot going “oh this is loverly”,)