I was recently banned from the subreddit, r/Robinhood for making a comment about Robinhood’s shady practices. I quoted their own rule, “Don’t be you”, calling them hypocrites, and received a 7 day ban from Reddit the following day.

How can we draw attention to Reddit supporting a subreddit whose very rules promote and protect intolerance and harassment?

I encourage you to message Reddit directly and report this community.

  • @SpaceNoodle
    192 months ago

    Maybe don’t hang out on a toxic website.

    • @venusaurOP
      142 months ago

      Haha thanks. “I was today years old” when I found out about Lemmy.World

        • @venusaurOP
          2 months ago

          Thanks! I’m glad there’s a decently sized community here and a functioning alternative UI. I’ve already experienced a little toxicity, but all in all positive so far. Hopefully when the user base grows the toxicity doesn’t grow with it.

    • @[email protected]
      22 months ago

      Yeah, it’s beyond redemption in my opinion. Every decision they’ve made in the past few years has been horrible and anti-user…