• DigitalTraveler42
    3 months ago

    Shitty ass Mayor Adams: “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”

    Hochul and Adams both need to get replaced as soon as they can be voted out, we gotta stop being fooled by Right leaning Centrists within the Democratic party, just being a “Democrat” is absolutely not good enough, especially with all of the centrist Republicans joining the party. Although it shows that if Trump loses in November and the MAGA corrupted GOP collapse the Dems are poised for becoming the new conservative party, which means the left leaning Dems should form something new, which would restore the adversarial balance that we’ve been losing since the rise of the Tea Party/Freedom caucus/MAGAs within the Republican party.

    Just one more election won by the Left could reset our entire political landscape back to the “normal” we used to know, you know, back when the government actually functioned somewhat and wasn’t almost completely hampered by treasonous fascist Christian Nationalist Nazi/Confederate/Putin-ite wannabes.🤞