First, OpenAI offered a tool that allowed people to create digital images simply by describing what they wanted to see. Then, it built similar technology that generated full-motion video like something from a Hollywood movie.

Now, it has unveiled technology that can recreate someone’s voice.

The high-profile A.I. start-up said on Friday that a small group of businesses was testing a new OpenAI system, Voice Engine, that can recreate a person’s voice from a 15-second recording. If you upload a recording of yourself and a paragraph of text, it can read the text using a synthetic voice that sounds like yours.

  • @[email protected]
    2 months ago

    Yeah, but we do sacrifice our bodies for labor. We just have better medicine these days. Sitting for 8-12hrs a day, lifting/bending for 8-12hrs, etc. It’s all sacrificing our bodies, causing physical pain. We have different kinds of pain now, because there were never really jobs back then where people sat for so long. Since the Industrial Revolution, we still sacrifice our bodies for capitalism. We’re just not bending over in fields as much (though, the most exploited among us still do, I.e. immigrants), we instead bend over machines and hunch over computers.

    You definitely hit on something that I didn’t: our shackles are now invisible. We have powerful computers in our pockets, where we misspend our “leisure” time—still in service of capitalism. And there are all of these “amenities” that the ownership class points to so they can say, “please, you don’t have it that bad with your starbuckses and iPhones!” The means with which they extract more value from us have become a literal science. They addict us in order to suck up all of our attention and free time we have away from injecting value with our labor, so we can continue to inject value into their system with our consumption (and more recently, with our data profiles they are always building). They have made our chains invisible, where once, yes, we were sometimes literally shackled to our jobs and the property of the landed gentry, aristocracy, and church, but now even our injected value is nearly invisible. Literally everything about us as people has been monetized. And thus we have greater wealth inequality than the gilded age.

    It’s not that we didn’t learn anything from history, it’s just that the wrong people learned how to avoid the wrong repercussions for recreating the same history.

    • @elshandra
      22 months ago

      As someone suffering from sciatica as a result of desk time, I feel this. This is why I consider the monetary system as it is abused and designed currently to be a cleverly masked slave system.

      When the ruling class are able to dictate both how much money you get, how much you can buy with money, how can you even place a value on it. Shit’s worthless. We’ve seen it become worthless overnight. I can’t eat it, I can’t shelter in it, I can’t drink it. In my country, it’s plastic, so I can only sympathise with the ecosystem we’ve been so careless of… Not even burn it.

      This is something I realised young, when my parents and grandparents described how much return they got for their time. It’s even more evident across my lifetime.