First, OpenAI offered a tool that allowed people to create digital images simply by describing what they wanted to see. Then, it built similar technology that generated full-motion video like something from a Hollywood movie.

Now, it has unveiled technology that can recreate someone’s voice.

The high-profile A.I. start-up said on Friday that a small group of businesses was testing a new OpenAI system, Voice Engine, that can recreate a person’s voice from a 15-second recording. If you upload a recording of yourself and a paragraph of text, it can read the text using a synthetic voice that sounds like yours.

  • @General_Effort
    13 months ago

    Saturday and Sunday off is 104 days of “vacation”. Add in 6 weeks of actual vacation and you get 134.

    I’m not American. I don’t know why they work so much. They seem happy with it, though. When it gets to AI, people worry about running out of work. People who welcome that and only want the income to be redistributed seem to be a minority here. More people seem to want AI to be stopped, so that the work remains for humans. I don’t know if that’s just this bubble, or if these pro-work people are even American.