Looks like it actually was possible to bond the whole amount.

Don Hankey, the billionaire chairman of Knight Insurance Group, told NBC News he was negotiating to post a far heftier bond of $557 million with the Trump Organization when the state Appellate Division lowered the size of the required bond to $175 million.

  • @Sanctus
    512 months ago

    Theres only so much of this shit I’m willing to see. I’m on the edge of being fully radicalized, to the point where I could leave my kids to go fight.

      • @[email protected]
        02 months ago

        Is there a good starter guide?

        Similar boat to the person you responded to and tired of feeling impotent.

        • @[email protected]
          12 months ago

          I don’t know of a starter guide. I guess because it depends a lot on where you live and what kind of activism/political work goes with your opinion and, well, your life.

          I guess the common approaches to increase one’s political agency are

          • tumble into/ join a social movement This can be almost anything. Eco stuff, feminism, labour, city planning, community solidarity networks, antifa, antira, whatever floats your boat kind of.
          • having a job and getting in touch with your union
          • being a nerd, have a lot more theory going on then praxis so you search for groups matching your specific opinion

          Basically no matter wich one it is, from there on you will meet people, meet ideas, discuss, get (even) more specific ideas of who is doing what and why and if you agree. Orientation comes with praxis, as in all fields I guess.

          Maybe 2 starter guide like points:

          1. Don’t go apocalypse mode. Yes, shit is hitting the fan more aggressively every minute and it’s beyond reason, empathy, humanity. Still, changing social order is a long term project. Make it sustainable, don’t burn out.
          2. Get started. All that dooomscrolling, theorizing, accumulating frustration, anger, fear without any praxis just makes you either depressive or indifferent. All thinking no doing doesn’t work. Having people around you that aknowlede the problems you see and fight on your side makes all the difference.
          • you may choose your form of epic. “Fighting” might sound weird to you. “I’m a revolutionary” sounds weird to me. Transforming society as good as you can without becoming unhappy af is what counts. The Zapatistas say “preguntando caminamos” - “asking we walk” or “proceeding while questioning”. I think thats a good epic and the best advice a have for you.

          See you in the streets ;)