I was talking to my manager the other day, discussing the languages we are using at $dayjob. He kind of offhandedly said that he thinks TypeScript is a temporary fad and soon everything will go back to using JavaScript. He doesn’t like that it’s made by Microsoft either.

I’m not a frontend developer so I don’t really know, but my general impression is that everything is moving more and more towards TypeScript, not away from it. But maybe I’m wrong?

Does anyone who actually works with TypeScript have any impression about this?

  • @Zannsolo
    192 months ago

    I’ll riot if I ever need to write pure js again. 98% of web devs would be better served writing in TS. If you’re actually knowledgeable enough to write more efficient js, more power to you but honestly I was probably being generous saying 2% of web devs fall into that category.

    • @[email protected]
      22 months ago

      Even then, it just leaves behind an illegible mess that the next dev has to gut and replace with typescript later. If someone wants to use JS on their hobby project, go for it. The extra tools that types enable are super valuable for a team.