I’ve been using pCloud to back up only the most important information. The stuff that’s hard to get back if something bad happens. Kept in sync with rclone.

Now I think it’s time to scale up. I have 1 computer with 4 hard drives plugged up to it. I want to either back up the whole things. I’m thinking of something like backblaze. What does everyone here do for backups?

  • @thantik
    2 months ago

    3 rules for backups:

    1. Keep 3 copies of your data.
    2. Keep 2 of those copies on different types of media
    3. Keep 1 of those copies off-site.

    I keep a backup on an array of RAIDZ disks. I keep a second copy on a very large hard disk; one that is powered down 99% of the time.

    And I keep another at the in-laws house that I can upload to remotely.