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Admin team of LGBTQIA.Social Mastodon instance received abuse email from Russian censorship agency, where they demanded to remove an account. The account in question represented a small group that ran a collaborative blog for LGBTQIA youth and adults in Russia.

Shortly after refusal to comply with agency’s demands, the instance was blocked and is now unreachable from Russia.

All previous blocks of Fediverse instaces in Russia were related to hosting CSAM.

  • @tourist
    72 months ago

    Could a Russian instance federate with an unblocked instance (e.g. which federates with and then federate by proxy?

    Or does the protocol not work like that?

    Russian instance users can still read comments from LGBT instance users if the comments are left on .world though, right?

    • CyberTailorOP
      82 months ago

      Or does the protocol not work like that?

      That’s technically possible but no major fedi software implements it because you can’t trust a third-party server.