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No. Episode Written By Directed By Release Date
5x03 Jinaal Kyle Jarrow & Lauren Wilkinson Andi Armaganian 2024-04-11

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  • @ummthatguy
    42 months ago

    To your edit: It seems like some cut content that would better explain Kalzara’s parting words “Thank you, for now I can rest,” the Tilly/Raynor scene, and hastily followed by the pool ceremony. I can get unexplained world building, as with Mad Max: Fury Road (the random mud stilt walkers, for example). 30 seconds of “I’ve fulfilled my sworn duty and will no longer be joined” might have sufficed. This was “Reel 3 missing” kind of messy. Still intrigued by the overall story, just a little let down by the execution.