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No. Episode Written By Directed By Release Date
5x03 Jinaal Kyle Jarrow & Lauren Wilkinson Andi Armaganian 2024-04-11

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  • RBG
    2 months ago

    Mmh, overall still a bit meh.

    Tilly was a bit too much with Raynor. I get she wants him to connect but also he is a commanding officer and he got the gist of many crew members in a short time. Maybe this is supposed to be a joke on how much emotional talking there is in Disco?

    Grey/Gray(?) is a bit annoying. Basically forcing it out of Adira to break up. I guess that means no more of them going forward. Hope Adira finds someone else to be happy with.

    I am glad they talked about the fact the Trill dude could have just given away the position of the tech instead of sending them off on the riddles. But honestly, I don’t get how those scientists had all these precautions and then still felt like, yes, some day the universe will be ready and not abuse this tech. Destruction of the tech makes a lot more sense. But maybe they’ll clear that up.

    Edit:oh and wtf was that scene at the end in the caves. The actually nice monologue but all the guardians and Adira just weirdly standing there while the monologue is going. Then only at the end we see they released that symbiont into the pool, like no explanation at all what that is for. Is it going to die? Is that always done? Did the host just die during the last minutes of the show? Give some background please!

    • @ummthatguy
      42 months ago

      To your edit: It seems like some cut content that would better explain Kalzara’s parting words “Thank you, for now I can rest,” the Tilly/Raynor scene, and hastily followed by the pool ceremony. I can get unexplained world building, as with Mad Max: Fury Road (the random mud stilt walkers, for example). 30 seconds of “I’ve fulfilled my sworn duty and will no longer be joined” might have sufficed. This was “Reel 3 missing” kind of messy. Still intrigued by the overall story, just a little let down by the execution.

  • Guy FleegmanOPM
    62 months ago

    After four seasons, Discovery still can’t figure out how to pace a full season arc. The A-plot was a miniature Humanity on Trial story which Trek has done to death, and the rest was filler.

    Jinaal was a fun character and Wilson Cruz did a great job with him. “This guy really works out” made me laugh. Beyond that, sheesh, what a snooze.