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Admin team of LGBTQIA.Social Mastodon instance received abuse email from Russian censorship agency, where they demanded to remove an account. The account in question represented a small group that ran a collaborative blog for LGBTQIA youth and adults in Russia.

Shortly after refusal to comply with agency’s demands, the instance was blocked and is now unreachable from Russia.

All previous blocks of Fediverse instaces in Russia were related to hosting CSAM.

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    102 months ago

    Hexbear thread dunking on this:

    Highlights include

    Funny how we constantly get told we support capitalist Russia, yet they never actually provide evidence for that.

    I’m not surprised tho as lying about communists seems to be second nature to Western bootlickers


    i love how that dude makes an absolutely ridiculous assumption, as i’ve never seen a “tankie” deny that current russia is reactionary as fuck, but since he’s saying Bad Thing about The Tankies everyone just goes “hmm yea those tankies amirite? smh”

    liberals are fucking idiots, they never have any idea of what they’re actually talking about and just throw around concepts and categories with the level of understanding of a monkey playing with a power tool


    “We support the Russian Federation’s opposition to US imperialism. We oppose their reactionary government including the state suppression of lgbtq+ people, minority nationalities and ethnic groups, etc. Using these issues as cudgels for US/NATO imperialism hurts all people in Russia, including oppressed minorities, and undermines the progressive nature of those liberation struggles in that country.”

    “Smdh tankies are pro-russia homophobes”

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      2 months ago

      Great thread. I especially love how some guy aks why the thread I mentioned was a goldmine and gets immediate response with screenshot of some funny comments. I love that @[email protected] who took the screenshot must have seen the rest, comments like this: but still decided to screenshot only the funny comments. Anyways, happy dunking.

      EDIT: Also, most of comments in the thread are crying about how could I ever imagine tankie defending anti-LGBT move from Russia, because tankies don’t actually support Russia (sure). Well, this comment proves that tankies are definitely able to do all mental gymnastics to defend moves like that:

      If they defend China closing LGBT center, am I so crazy to expect them to defend Russia closing LGBT instance?