Mine is Sympathy For The Devil Song by The Rolling Stones

I could not take the background singers and it would enrage me!

hoo hooo hoo hooo hoo hooo for 6 solid minutes!.

I studied the song and the story behind it and became at piece with it eventually.

I just heard it on a YouTube channel and realized I like it now.

  • @weariedfae
    162 months ago

    The big boy band hits from the late 90s/00’s. I was pulling some edgy crap as a teenager and despised them at the time.

    Look, they’re catchy by design and denying it is futile.

    Yesterday I didn’t change the channel when I was listening to some personal high school nostalgia music and Bye Bye Bye came on after. It’s enjoyable and I wish I wasn’t such a cringey dramatic weirdo in high school even though we all pretty much are at that time in life.

    • @[email protected]
      2 months ago

      I hated that crap then and I still do now. In the summer of 1997 I switched exclusively to the Oldies station. If we’re doing boy bands, I’d rather listen to the Dave Clark 5 than Hansen!