While it is no secret that exploitative practices are interlaced with capitalistic tendencies, the practices are becoming intolerable. Signing up to pay usually takes only two clicks that are prominently visible whereas cancelation options are hidden away in deep settings requiring multiple clicks. Pricing often feel arbitrary with no reference points. Every large company grows with the intention of exhibiting monopolistic behavior. This is not sustainable and should not be tolerated.

  • Carighan Maconar
    82 months ago

    Plus it’s always a video, but never actually uses the medium. It’s just shots of the host talking to the camera. Very very rarely showing clips or screenshots that could even better be embedded in an article.

    Can you do a lot with a video, if done well and for the right subject? Of course, and for those it’d absolutely be the correct choice. But people like the guy linked in the OP are neither capable of nor interested in doing that, as it’s just a business to them. It increases income, so long youtube videos it is. That’s one big takeaway anyways: Content creators talk about this shit not because they care, but because it gives them money. It’s a business, not a passion.

    • @AnUnusualRelic
      42 months ago

      Making a proper video takes a lot of time. Just recording yourself reading a text while taking cool poses, not so much.