• @[email protected]
    42 months ago

    Back on r*ddit I checked out the libertarian sub and could not fucking figure out what libertarianism even was because it seemed that every single political ideology was represented and somehow justified to be some form of libertarianism. I legit saw (many) people arguing that taxes and regulation are good, actually, which I agree with but also I thought that “taxes and regulation are bad” was supposed to be the core tennant of libertarianism??

    The only consistency I saw on that sub was that people should be allowed to do whatever drugs and fuck whoever whenever. Which is obviously only consistent over there because any other libertarian I hear about these days seems to be trying to restrict people’s personal freedoms (and also deregulate and eliminate taxes).

    At least it’s so screwed up with their ideals that there’s no way any significant amount of them could get behind a candidate.

    • @Furedadmins
      2 months ago

      It’s basically the me party. Let me do whatever I want and do t impose any sort of burden whatsoever to me. Let other people pay for stuff, let other people have restrictions, that’s fine but don’t do anything to me. And protect me from everything bad but don’t tax me even a fucking cent.