• @AnUnusualRelic
      32 months ago

      Currently, my main machine (which has no optical media), has around 12 or 14TB of storage. That machine is currently offline because we’re rebuilding our home, so I’m living off my laptop and my SO has an actual PC (although it’s kind of old, [and running Windows, per her instructions], it’s still a fairly decent machine, with 16GB of RAM, something like 2 or 4 TB of storage (not sure now), a GTX1070 (yes it’s old, but it’s still a decent card if you’re not gaming).

      However It’s the only machine with an optical drive, or with a plug and play drive interface (you can plug disks on the top of the case, it’s really convenient).

      • @ripcord
        42 months ago

        External DVD drives are like $30 and external and networked storage are things too