• Hello Hotel
    3 months ago

    One interesting thing, a fingerprint is (from what i can tell) re-obtained because the fingerprint data is internal use only. The doctors, The government, the military and the jailers dont share this data with eachother. With DNA, it sounds like the doctors are giving your DNA at birth to the government, the military, the jailers, the advertisers, and your insurance company. These parties dont just know your child’s perminant identity AND their risk of medical problems or their biologicaly created mential shortcomings, now they know yours, your famialy’s and a little bit about unconcenting strangers.

    Its like if 23andMe almost exclusively used its data to hold power over you.

    • @ParabolicMotion
      -23 months ago

      I see your concern, but the government has been keeping files on individuals and families for decades. If you’re related to Charlie Manson, Sharon Tate, or both, they probably have known who you are since birth, and have known exactly where you live, work, or hang out in between work and home. My feeling is, they’ve already collected dna on everyone. If it is shared, at least it is one more way to verify your identity in an emergency situation. Oh, no what are they going to do with it other than that? Scoff at the fact that I’m the poorest person in America that happens to be related to the Pilgrims from the Mayflower? What are they going to do, read my file and laugh at me?