Campaign rallies are a defining feature of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s third run for the White House: all-day spectacles blending evangelical revivalist meeting and carnival, designed to deliver an emotional experience to his base.

  • @Dramaking37
    352 months ago

    Just living her best life spending her social security check to follow a snake oil salesman around the country. All while living off of gallon containers of potato salad. My god Fox News did a number on this country.

    • @rayyy
      122 months ago

      The wretched dolt won’t have to worry about spending her Social Security check once the orange mobster becomes dictator -he will end SSI because he will have no need for her dollars when he can tap the treasury.

    • @Pretzilla
      2 months ago

      Living off social security while railing against ‘socialism’

      Literally the first word out of two of the name of the program - and still a hard disconnect