Sean Patrick Palmer, of Oklahoma, arrested after explosive device found last week near porch of Satanic Temple in Massachusetts

An Oklahoma man was arrested on Thursday morning in last week’s bombing attempt of a Satanic Temple in Massachusetts.

Sean Patrick Palmer, 49, of Perkins, Oklahoma, was arrested on charges of “using an explosive to cause damage to a building used in interstate or foreign commerce”, the United States’ attorney office for the district of Massachusetts said in a statement.

The Satanic Temple does not actually worship the devil or believe in the existence of Satan or the supernatural, but rather uses Satan as a symbol of free will, humanism and anti-authoritarianism. It regularly angers rightwingers and Christians.

  • @[email protected]
    32 months ago

    Well, yes. Allegedly. He’s not convicted, just accused. It’s almost definitely him, but he’s not been determined to be guilty yet.

    • FuglyDuck
      -12 months ago

      The fact of guilt is actually independent of one’s status as suspected, accused, indicted or convicted of any crime.

      The presumption of innocence is a very important procedural mandate, but you don’t become suddenly guilty when you get convicted.

      He did these things. The evidence is overwhelming.

      The problem here is he’s basically being undercharged. He committed hate crimes. Acts of domestic terrorism. He’s not being so-charged.

      He is a terrorist. But they’re not treating him like a terrorist. He’s alleged to only be a vandal (and using explosives to vandalize property.)