so I finally got the motivation to install lineage os to my phone after thinking about it like year. and now that I finally modified this phone I started thinking about ricing this phone a bit. I’m looking for a launcher that isn’t too minimalistic and with a decent amount of customization. kinda like kde bit you know… stable. any suggestions?

  • @officermike
    13 months ago

    It’s still there, and not because my phone is slow - even a brand new Pixel with no apps or Google account has this delay. It takes nearly 2 seconds to go home - long enough to make me question if I hit the home button.

    Pixel 6 Pro, in use since release… I don’t have any noticeable delay. Pressing the home button (I have 3-button navigation instead of gestures), the transition from foreground app to Nova home screen I’d estimate to be under 1/4 second. Feels pretty instantaneous.