Specifically because I live in a hot climate, I’m always fighting the feeling of being suspicious of anybody I pass in the streets with a hoodie pulled up. I feel guilty because of racial profiling associated with hoodies, but gotta protect myself and my family, especially because in many cases the perpetrators of assault and murder seen in media are somebody with a hood and/or mask on.

  • @Ledivin
    2 months ago

    Being suspicious of people in hoodies isn’t racist 🙄 if you only got nervous around black people in hoodies, then sure, but there’s nothing wrong with being cautious of people who are concealing their identity. They might not be wearing it for that reason, but that’s still something it does.

    • @venusaurOP
      12 months ago

      Sometimes people of color wear hoodies. i’m not saying being suspicious of hoodies themselves is racist, but if i’m suspicious of a POC in a hoodie, that’s got some history and other implications tied to it.