I listen to a decent amount of audiobooks and I’ll occasionally miss a one-off description of something important. I was wondering if there are projects to add a visual component to audiobooks? Official or fan-made it doesn’t matter. If it does exist what would I search for to find something like this?

Maybe a video with AI generated images and the listener is required to supply their own audiobook or something like that.

I feel like I have seen this done with the Bible several times.

Edit: It seems like the answer is no.

People have suggested movies, VNs, and point and click games but that’s more than what I am after. All I really want is something that accompanies the audio that can occasionally act as a quick reference. If you are still have trouble imagining what I am talking about think of an audio-only podcast that is uploaded to Youtube. They might add a photo in post to accompany what they are talking about but you can still enjoy it without the visual aspect.

I thought there might be a group of people on Youtube doing this with AI images or an audiobook publisher commissioning art to do this.

  • @Fondots
    32 months ago

    I’ve seen a couple places offering what they’ll call something like “enhanced ebooks”

    I admit that I haven’t given any of them a try, but the gist is that they’re an ebook with some extra multimedia content. It kind of looks like some places that do them do the absolute bare minimum to slap the “enhanced” label on them and just add some extra pictures and maps and such, and others go whole hog with added video, the full audio drama treatment with sound effects, different actors for the various characters, narration, etc. so some of them may potentially fill the role you’re looking for