• @[email protected]
    22 months ago

    I still have the first book basically memorized from my youth, kinda.

    Not a spoiler, but if you saw the second movie, I am curious: Were the worm scales backwards in the movie? I am fairly sure that there was a better mechanism that the Fremen used to lift them up, starting with a specialized pole to pry up the first scale to stabilize the worm before “steering control” hooks were set. (That has been bugging me since I was at the theater.)

    • @SchmidtGenetics
      2 months ago

      Still waiting to watch it, but I’m drawing a blank on how it was explained in book one. I’ll have to look I up, but I believe the rings were forward facing and the hooks opened them up and the friction of the sand is what causing them to roll over and be able to steer.

      It was done solo iirc and they just threw their hooks into the rings to open it while running parallel to it. Then it became a team thing? That where I’m blanking.