As a father, I take great pride in introducing my son to new experiences and cultures. So you can imagine my disappointment when we recently visited a highly recommended authentic Mexican restaurant, only to have my son order a burger and fries?

I mean, what kind of uncultured simpleton doesn’t order tacos or enchiladas at a Mexican restaurant? And to make matters worse, he doesn’t even pronounce Mexico with an H. It’s MEH-i-co, not MEX-i-co

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  • Lemminary
    182 months ago

    I just want to say that we have amazing shrimp & pineapple burgers down here. 😍 Haters gon’ hate, but my fatass gon’ eat gud.

    • Tattletale TimesOPM
      2 months ago

      Really? I’m gunna have to look this up bc that sounds really interesting Edit: I saved a random recipe online but if you have a good one I’d love to try it!