As a father, I take great pride in introducing my son to new experiences and cultures. So you can imagine my disappointment when we recently visited a highly recommended authentic Mexican restaurant, only to have my son order a burger and fries?

I mean, what kind of uncultured simpleton doesn’t order tacos or enchiladas at a Mexican restaurant? And to make matters worse, he doesn’t even pronounce Mexico with an H. It’s MEH-i-co, not MEX-i-co

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  • southsamurai
    22 months ago

    “Authentic” Mexican.

    Dad is an uncultured simpleton for trying to limit the scope and depth of a national cuisine when it is a living cuisine. Even “traditional” is dubious, but at least it can be relatively qell defined by specifying how long something must occur the same way to be considered traditional.

    “Authentic” mexican food can only be had when in mexico, and I will die on that hill, but not without a few greasy, spicy farts towards anyone objecting to my authentic authority on this subject.

    • @Crackhappy
      42 months ago

      I have had some good Mexican food in Mexico, but the best Mexican food I’ve ever had was on Bali, hands down.

    • Tattletale TimesOPM
      32 months ago

      Tattletale Times is a satire news website! Poking fun at the unfortunate fact that there is some asshole Dad out there like this but I took it over the top. I got the idea bc my 4 year old asks for a cheeseburger at every place we eat at. I have to tell him sorry but there aren’t any burgers at jimmy John’s! But he’s such a picky eater I call it a win if I can get him to eat anything that’s not candy!