A simple question to this community, what are you self-hosting? It’s probably fun to hear from each-other what services we are running.

Please mention at least the service (e.g. e-mail) and the software (e.g. postfix). Extra bonus points for also mentioning the OS and/or hardware (e.g. Linux Distribution, raspberry pi, etc) you are running on.

  • @proyconOP
    1 year ago

    To answer my own question:

    • E-mail (postfix, dovecot, rspamd, clamav)
    • Web (nginx), various small websites including my homepage
    • Fediverse Microblogging (Mastodon)
    • Matrix Chat (synapse)
    • XMPP Chat (prosody)
    • Music streaming (mpd, snapcast)
    • Home automation (home assistant and my own lighthome stuff, mqtt)
    • IRC bouncer (znc)

    And the basics of course:

    • SSH (openssh)
    • NFS

    All running on an Ubuntu Linux server, but everything is containerised into mostly Alpine Linux podman (rootless) containers (and a few lxc containers which I’m phasing out).

    • @wheels
      11 year ago

      snapcast is the best