• @Sir_Fridge
    41 month ago

    Did anyone actually have to log in? I played yesterday without having to add a sony account, neither did my friends.

    • fatalicus
      231 month ago

      If you actually read the announcement, it very clearly says that new players need a PSN account from may 6th, and existing players from may 30th.

    • @[email protected]
      211 month ago

      From Monday you will be bombarded with the PSN requirement for a month and then you won’t be able to play without a PSN account.

    • Stern
      81 month ago

      D-day is next month.

      • @Ultragigagigantic
        61 month ago

        May the refunds be ever in your favor.

        “Uhhh acktuallay on page 420 of the Terms Of Service it says you have to suck my dick and you get no right to a refund!”

    • @Psythik
      21 month ago

      When I bought the game it wouldn’t let me play without creating an account, and that was over a month ago. I guess the requirement is only just now rolling out for the majority of players?

      • @Sir_Fridge
        11 month ago

        It said it required an account but you could just click next