• I'm back on my BS 🤪
    511 months ago

    I can’t remember exactly what the topic was, but it had something to do with people using racial slurs. Someone made a comment about South Park, so I commented with the famous South Park episode where Stan goes on Wheel of Fortune and mistakenly thought that the word was a racial slur, rather than naggers. I was given a 7 day suspension, then ~4 days later, they told me I was permabanned from Reddit on all of my accounts. I tried to appeal it by saying that I was referencing the South Park episode that was completely relevant to the topic and that the topic is so valid, that South Park even did an episode on it. The appeal was denied. I highly doubt they banned me for the post. Rather, I had upset someone that was out to get me since I had been banned from another subreddit for not violating the rules at all, but I didn’t fight it. Maybe there was a mod that was in charge of both subs.

    Apparently, Reddit uses some sort of browser tracking method, because even if I used a VPN, they would know it was me. I learned that I could possibly use a VPN and Brave browser to get passed the permaban, but it meant that I couldn’t use RIF anymore, and I was getting sick of Reddit anyway. Reddit had started getting too antagonistic for my taste. It seemed like users were just taking things personal rather than have rational discussions (made up example below) Luckily, the API thing happened, and people started migrating to Lemmy shortly after.

    user 1:

    This is a pretty ELI5 response, so there’s stuff missing, but the general gist is that water expands when it gets near freezing temperatures and below.

    user 2:

    Water is actually at its densest at 4° C. Below that, it starts expanding because of the shape of the H20 molecules.

    user 1:

    Yeah, I know that. I’m actually a chemical engineer. The reason I didn’t explain that part was because I was trying to keep it ELI5. This sub is for simple explanations, and I didn’t want to confused it. And actually, you are wrong. It isn’t the shape of the molecule alone. We need to take into account the polarity of the water molecule. Perhaps, you should consider that you don’t know everything.

    • prole
      11 months ago

      the topic is so valid, that South Park even did an episode on it.

      I’ve seen the episode, and I’m familiar with the situation. I don’t think it warranted a permaban or whatever, but I’m curious as to what the “valid topic” was that South Park was addressing with that situation? That it’s ok to say a racial slur if you think that’s the answer to a Wheel of Fortune puzzle?

      Just seems like more of that, “if we can’t make jokes about literally everything, then none of this works” bullshit that Matt and Trey love to parade around whenever they do something stupid and racist.

      They love to find hide behind, “we were making a point about x,” when in reality, most of the time it’s just an uncreative, hamfisted reference to something offensive. So edgy.

      • I'm back on my BS 🤪
        111 months ago

        I don’t remember the context exactly since it happened months ago, and I have deleted all of my comments and accounts. I could potentially find it through the way back machine if I spent a few hours on it, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort to prove a point. I’m okay with anyone doubting my report or judgment on this.