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This community has a lot of subs, but not a lot of posts. Let’s get it back to it’s former glory. Description:

Welcome to a little slice of culinary heaven where we share photos of our favorite dishes, from savory succulent sausages to delicious and delectable desserts. Made it yourself? We’d love to hear your recipe!

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Comment on any Weekly Spotlight post or suggest a community on our Discord server in the community-spotlight channel. You can also send a message to the Community Team with your suggestions.

Note: Sorry for not posting for a while, the admin that organized this has left the team a while ago, and we haven’t got around to doing this again. Thank you everyone for reminding us! We will get this ball rolling again, but with only one community per week. Please share any suggestions you might have with us!

~ The community team

  • @Thekingoflorda
    104 months ago

    Also welcome: any ideas for events we as the community team can attempt to organize.

  • @Dagnet
    264 months ago

    Man, would’ve been so amazing if we left the whole _____porn community naming back in reddit. Feels so weird to recommend any with that name to non americans. “Go check food porn! Uh, no there isn’t any porn its just the name… Yeah I know it’s weird… Sigh”

    • El Barto
      24 months ago

      Oh my gosh THANK YOU! I love porn as much as the next internaut, but the porn suffix in unrelated names puts me off. I’m not not even a prude.

      If someone came up with a, say, political-based naming convention, like “make food great again,” “make motorcycles great again,” I’d be annoyed too, because I don’t want to be reminded of U.S. politics all the time.

  • @Okokimup
    174 months ago

    I wish I could remember to post there more often. By the time my food is plated, I’m not thinking of photos, I’m thinking about shoving it in my face.

    [email protected] really needs more participants , too.

  • @aeharding
    54 months ago

    Thanks you for organizing!! 🙏