• Otter
    4 months ago

    Body camera video equivalent to 25 million copies of “Barbie” is collected but rarely reviewed.

    I get this is done to hook the reader, but I feel annoyed how these comparisons don’t actually make it easier to visualize the scale

    For around $50,000 a year, Truleo’s software allows supervisors to select from a set of specific behaviors to flag, such as when officers interrupt civilians, use profanity, use force or mute their cameras. The flags are based on data Truleo has collected on which officer behaviors result in violent escalation. Among the conclusions from Truleo’s research: Officers need to explain what they are doing.

    I guess that sounds like a good thing? Flagging the videos instead of waiting for complaints

    • @cm0002
      144 months ago

      Yea, it sounds like a decent application of AI for law enforcement, miles and miles better than the Facial rec stuff they’re always trying to push

      As long as it actually works as advertised lol

    • @taanegl
      44 months ago

      The funny thing is that prompts also have unwanted (or “negative”) parameters, like “weird hands”. You could easily just input “disadvantageous framing for police officers”.

      This is why these parameters should be public knowledge, so no exceptions are made that clear cops of wrongdoing if they committed a crime.

  • @[email protected]
    14 months ago

    So if it’s being implemented the way this article discusses, this may actually be a good thing in some ways