Hey guys,

Because of the unclear nature of Sharepoint folder permissions we want to make an export to Excel of each folder and the appropriate rights. Explicit rights only is fine but everything together is also fine.

Having tried and tested for hours I cannot seem to find a working script. Using outdated functions, random errors, etc.

Does anyone know a working script for this? A commercial solution (that does nog charge 4000$per year) is also fine. This is becoming an expensive headache for me.

I have already tried all the usual Google hits as well as ChatGPT. None seem to work but also not work with modern authentication when connecting to Sharepoint using Powershell for example which leads me to suspect they are too old.

  • @HC4LOP
    13 days ago

    As a followup, the function to generate these reports was in Sharepoint Online itself. Somewhat hidden/poorly named.