• @Buffalox
    963 months ago

    I have never seen or heard of in my country the degree of dishonesty Johnson represent. It’s absolutely insane that this is politically possible in USA.
    He got a border solution handed to him on a silver platter, then refused it, then refused a solution without it. Now he talks border deal again!
    I am really tempted top say things about Johnson that are probably illegal, because they involve violence.

  • d00phy
    893 months ago

    the first priority of our country is our border.

    Oh is it now!? If only there was some sweetheart deal chock full of concessions from the Dems that even your Senate brethren favored that you could push through the House in your role as Speaker. Gosh, all those do-nothing Liberals, amiright!?

  • @RapidcreekOP
    573 months ago

    How do you get cornered in the Oval Office?

  • @elliot_crane
    133 months ago

    Anyone wanna bet chucklefuck Mike will still turn around and kowtow to Temu Mussolini?