• @[email protected]
    372 months ago

    That’s the guy who appears in my head when in playing with my cat

    My cat has this ability to drive me to the weirdest ways of playing with him

    • @ripcord
      42 months ago

      Same with me and my wife

    • @RizzRustbolt
      62 months ago

      The Universe is far too serious for me to take it seriously.

  • Promethiel
    152 months ago

    Its name is Whimsy and it cares for all of us.

    Sometimes just to laugh at, sometimes just to cry at.

    It’s the pique that separates us thinking star stuff from the hydrogen atoms; the wiggle in the n-th dimensional that wraps back into the 1D point that spawned it all.

    It’s simply nothing more than life, when it’s allowed to vibe and be before ‘thoughts of should’ come in.

    When you hear it, listen a bit. You may be surprised at what you find.

  • @lath
    42 months ago

    That’s just you without the moral constrictions.

  • @niktemadur
    42 months ago

    This little fella’s name is Yeet! with an exclamation mark.
    Neither evil nor good, he’s simply an entropist, symmetrical on the quantum level but boy, does he look weird from up here!