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    192 months ago

    To anyone wondering, that is 69.3 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). So if it started from freezing it would make it “very hot”, while if it were to start from lets say a perfect 70°F it would rise to ~140°F. And if it happened in the summertime when it was already 100, it would rise to 170°F - and how many people would even survive that? Maybe, if we had advanced warning and it were to only last a few hours - but what about things like crops & wildlife?

    According to a recent poll, the number of Americans who outright deny climate change is down to just 15% of the population, but whether they “believe” in it or not may be indistinguishable from not believing - e.g. as this article discusses - since just like how they are “Pro-Life”, the walk does not quite seem to match the talk.

    To anyone feeling overwhelmed by all this: please don’t be - there’s only so much that any one person can do. Do what you can, and try to remain “aware”, but this is bigger than all of us, and we will need to face it together, so you are not alone.:-)