• @thesporkeffect
    41 month ago

    Everyone talks a big documentation game and then hoards their personal notes like state secrets

  • @RedditWanderer
    130 days ago

    The problem is most software evolves. The code you wrote is immediately legacy because you technically could have gone further/did more. It’s always a balance that is inevitably at odds with maximizing profits.

    Documentation is no good when it’s not accurate, and keeping it accurate costs a big chunk of money for which investors (or companies) see no value.

    Sure, if you are releasing a product for people to use, it should have documentation. For documenting internal projects and workflows, an up to date readme costs a lot less, and provides more value. I’ll write good documentation for products when the company sees the monetary value of it. If they’re going to fire experienced people, spend enormous amounts ramping them up, having documentation or not becomes meaningless.