A Louisiana House committee voted Thursday to repeal a law requiring employers to give child workers lunch breaks and to cut unemployment benefits — part of a push by Republicans to remove constraints on employers and reduce aid for injured and unemployed workers.

The House Labor and Industrial Relations panel advanced the child labor legislation, House Bill 156, along with House Bill 119, which would slash the amount of time for which people can collect unemployment aid. A third bill the committee approved, House Bill 529, would change how workers’ compensation wages are calculated in ways that could reduce benefits received by some injured laborers.

  • @Soup
    402 months ago

    Drag queens read stories: “Think of the children!!”

    Heinous labour abuses: “It’ll build character!”

  • @Entropywins
    232 months ago

    I honestly thought it was an onion article when I read the part from the state representative saying children tell him they’d rather work instead of have a lunch…

  • @jettrscga
    162 months ago

    EMPLOYMENT OF MINORS: Repeals the provision of law relative to recreation or meal periods for minors

    I would love to hear someone try to argue why this is a good thing. I expected some language to try to make it sound beneficial, but nope.

    • themeatbridge
      112 months ago

      Conservatives have abandoned all pretext. Trump showed them they don’t need to hide. They don’t need to pretend they care about people. They don’t need to act like they aren’t corrupt. They can simply do what is in their own best interest, because conservatives will support them.

  • @[email protected]
    142 months ago

    Comical levels of villainy. That’s how I choose to read this bullshit in an effort to preserve my fucking sanity.

  • volvoxvsmarla
    82 months ago

    My naive European ass thought it talked about people working with children… and I got ultra mad about that. How do they dare to make a kindergarten teacher go without a break ? That’s insane!

    Then… Jfc. I’m not sure I should have read the comments to find out.

    • @Fredselfish
      72 months ago

      The guy who pushed this bill owns a bunch of Smoothie Kings and hires child workers.