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I’m asking this because I’m very new to the Yocto project. I’m going through the documentation but it’s a bit overwhelming to me, looking at what Fishwaldo has achieved (link embedded in the title). I would like to learn how he did it and how I could create my own image based on a supported kernel with necessary drivers and boot the Star64 board.

From what I understand, he:

  1. Forked the kernel tree and created his own branch.
  2. Put in the necessary drivers (including OEM drivers) - I’m not really sure how he did it since I’m new to Linux (any tips would be appreciated!).
  3. I can’t quite make out the layers he used to build the minimal image (I will study the guide more to figure this out).
  4. Finally, he compiled it, alongside compiling U-boot, partitioned the SD-card and booted the device.

Am I right? I’m missing a lot of steps in the middle, would really appreciate any help in understanding this. Thanks!

  • just some guy
    42 months ago

    Fishwaldo is pretty active in the #pinetab chat from what I’ve seen. If you have matrix, discord, or irc you could jump into the pine64 chats and ask him

    • @MigratingtoLemmyOP
      12 months ago

      Thank you, yes I was planning to do that. Thanks