by Centurii-chan

  • @ThatWeirdGuy1001
    3628 days ago

    This is the second shrimp meme I’ve seen within 5 minutes.

    Is shrimps the new beans?

    • @CluckN
      2728 days ago

      I’ll take shrimp posting over, “generating an AI image of thing but with beans/jean texture”

    • mad_asshatter
      1228 days ago

      Did shrimps get a 22 minute standing ovation at Cannes?

      • @ThatWeirdGuy1001
        128 days ago

        I mean I’d give a 30 minute ovation to a film about shrimps.

        Shrimps is not only bugs but really cool bugs.

    • @[email protected]
      927 days ago

      There are a few key reasons why shrimp memes have become so popular recently:

      The viral “shrimps is bugs” tattoo post on Reddit sparked a huge meme trend. In May 2023, a Reddit user posted asking for advice on covering up his poorly spelled “shrimps is bugs” tattoo, which went massively viral and spawned countless memes and even a dedicated subreddit.[1][2][3] People found the misspelling and absurdity of the tattoo hilarious, leading to an explosion of shrimp-themed jokes and memes.

      The niche Instagram meme account @207poundsofshrimp gained a cult following. This account solely posts bizarre, random shrimp memes and jokes, capturing the internet’s love of weird, hyper-specific humor.[1] Its popularity helped drive the shrimp meme phenomenon.

      Shrimp’s status as a beloved but somewhat random food makes it ripe for meme-ing. The juxtaposition of the humble shrimp with outlandish meme formats and jokes resonates with many as an amusing form of anti-humor.[1][5] Shrimp’s popularity in chain restaurants like Red Lobster also contributes to its meme-ability.[1][5]

      So in summary, the perfect storm of a viral tattoo fail, a dedicated shrimp meme account, and shrimp’s inherent meme potential as a food all converged to create the recent shrimp meme craze across social media.[1][2][3][5]

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