• @TeddE
      481 month ago

      A demon core was part of early nuclear bomb research. The type of reaction they were studying would emit blue light and a ton of radiation.


      It’s been a meme to imagine the demon core as an available weapon in medieval fantasy, since it looks somewhat like a mace.

      • MentalEdge
        1 month ago

        It’s also memeable due to Louis Slotins blasé approach to safety, as the demon core was kept from going critical merely by shoving a screwdriver between the two half-sphere neutron-reflectors that it was kept inside.

        If, or rather when (because it occurred twice), allowed to completely enclose it, they would cause it to go critical, emitting lethal amounts of radiation, instantly.

        Louis and one other researcher died due to incidents involving accidental supercriticality. Many more were severely irradiated.

        The blue light is caused by all radiation in the correct conditions.

        • @dingus
          161 month ago

          It was really stupid of him to be so cocky about it… eventually causing his own demise. But it is funny that the Wikipedia article says how he had done the experiment many times before, “often in jeans and cowboy boots” lmao.

  • @YoFrodo
    31 month ago

    Why is the sphere already exposed in the top panel? That smaller sphere is the radioactive part and the larger sphere is it’s container

    • @chuckleslord
      1 month ago

      The center is radioactive, but the domes around the outside are reflective material that makes the radioactive core turn critical. So, the core being exposed is much safer than the outside being closed. Cause that’s the thing that kills you